LibSylph is a cross-platform C++ basic utility and data processing library. It has classes and methods that facilitate reading, writing, processing and sharing data in various kinds of formats. It includes frameworks for IPC and RPC, socket programming, plugin systems, etc...

Registrations re-enabled


We just updated the site to Drupal 7. Oh yes, I also re-enabled the registrations, that is to say, correctly configured the SMTP. Yes spammers, now you'll need an e-mail address too. Next step is captcha-per-post, and then administrator approval (i.e. "Write an essay of at least 400 words why you'd like an account on our site". I'm sorry, but there isn't really another option (well, Akismet, but eh...)

- SeySayux

Registrations blocked

Hello everyone,

Because of the incessant spam and my inability to keep up with deleting messages and accounts produced at such soaring rates, I've opted for a temporary lock-down of the site, implemented as a disabling of new account creation. This solution, however impractical in the long run, should keep the site sane for the time being. A better housekeeping method will be devised as soon as possible. In the event of any inconvenience of this measure to legitimate users, do not hesitate to contact us via our maling list for any future support.

- SeySayux (Lead dev)

Spam removal

It seems that some spambots have found their way to the site. I managed to clean up all the mess they left behind and banned their accounts. If a legimate user happens to be banned accidentially, I'm confident you can find your way to our mailing list and send us a message.

LibSylph 0.1 RC 1 released, start of 0.2 development

Finally, LibSylph 0.1 has been released. You can download it from the downloads page (as usual). We will now start development of 0.2. 0.1 will remain as a branch and fixes will be backported to it -- so a 0.1 RC 2 may be released as well.

For the changelog, please click "read more".


New development method

As of today, I'm going to switch the method of development we are using for this project, from "polish everything three times" to "first make it work". In other words, true functionality and stuff we can show off with before tedious-but-necessary stuff like documentation and testcases and demos and what else.

What does this mean?

1) Our current trunk (Build 127) will be considered LibSylph 0.1 rc 1. If all goes well (i.e. no huge bugs), that's LibSylph 0.1 Gold.

2) I'll start hacking on 0.2 right away.

3) We might need a documentation maintainer from now on.

Change of license

So, we've finally done it. A new license for LibSylph. A specially tailored version of the LGPL to provide both copyleft and the ability to use unmodified versions in your own work? Not really. It's not even close to (L)GPL. In fact, we decided to go with a more permissive license: the zlib/libpng license. You can find the full text on the License page. The header files of the source code have been updated to reflect this new license too.

- SeySayux (lead dev)

Site downtime, Wiki update, and donations

Yesterday, I upgraded the wiki to MediaWiki 1.16.0. This caused some database problems which made the main site go down as well. Everything is fixed now, we have a site and a nice new wiki :).

On other news, I've added a "donate" button. Always nice to have one, don't you think? With your help, we can blah blah blah just giev us teh monies. ;)

Anyways, I'm working hard on Beta 1 (that is, I'm working hard on determining what's going in Beta 1 and what not). I hope I can release it within 2 weeks.

- SeySayux (lead dev)

Ubuntu PPA


I am pleased to announce an Ubuntu PPA, containing LibSylph 0.1 alpha 4, is available now.
A few remarks:

  • LibSylph is only available for Ubuntu 10.04 and i386 for the moment

Read more for installation guide...

LibSylph 0.1 alpha 4 released!

So, it's here, LibSylph alpha 4. One step closer to that 0.1 final release, which will be soon*.

So, get it while it's hot!
Download sylph-0.1alpha4-src.tar.bz2 now!

What's changed?


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